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Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor is an autonomous, non-governmental and apolitical organization, with non-real purpose, having public utility, with legal personality, established to represent, defend and support the interests of their members and the business community in relation to public authorities and national and international organizations, aiming to promote and develop the industry, the commerce, the services and the agriculture.

      The Chambers of commerce and industry appeared in a certain stage of the development of economic relations, the place, the date and the manner of establishing it being influenced by the existing arrangements of the time. An initial form were the guilds, independent professional organizations meant to defend the economic interests of some producers, especially craftsmen.
       Hala comercial�?  ( The Commercial Hall ) appeared in Oradea Mare, in 1869 with the purpose of organizing and training people for commercial activities, which then supported the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oradea. This is the consequence of the consecration of this new reality for the enterprises and the financial-commercial transactions.
      In 1872  The first association of craftsmen in Oradea Mare  is established and in 1885  The Corporation of craftsmen in Oradea Mare .
      On 10 February 1890, after an official communication, the Ministry of Commerce notifies the municipal council that the Government has ordered the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oradea, having jurisdiction over the city of Oradea and over Bihor County.
      On 24 July 1890 the constitutive assembly was held and the internal holder and substitute members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oradea were elected in separate sections: commercial and industrial.
On 14 August 1890 the first general meeting of the de facto constitution of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oradea is held, with the participation of 48 members who elected: the chairman and two vice presidents.
      The events which took place in the autumn of 1918 disrupted the normal activity of the Chamber.
      Since 1 May 1920, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oradea was taken over by a Commissioner of the Government on behalf of the Romanian state and in 1925 the Law for the reorganization of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was promulgated.
During 1919-1926, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oradea had jurisdiction over the counties of Satu Mare and Maramure?? as well.
During 1940-1944, the Chambers  autonomy was suspended, no longer being able to continue their own policy based on an independent economic analysis, given the conditions imposed by the war.
The evolution of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oradea after the Second World War bears the hallmark of the major transformations which took place in the Romanian society on all levels and, as a result of several measures to limit the gilds  activities of measures planned by the Communists at 25 February 1949 by DL 74/1949, the Chambers  work has ceased completely and the County Commercial Management took their tasks upon themselves. Step by step, the private commerce disappeared, , the premises being taken over by the state, thus putting an end to a sector of activities essentially liberal which had an important contributed to the development of the local society.
After the events which took place in December 1989, a number of democratic institutions ??? which operated during the communism ??? were reinstated, some of these institutions being the chambers of commerce and industry, re-established by the Decree Law no. 139/12 May 1990.

The Chamber was re-established at the initiative of traders in the Decree Law number 139/1990 and it has acquired legal personality under the Government Decision no. 799 of 23 July 1990 which has been recognized as the legal continuator of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oradea, according to the Civil Sentence no. 9688/22 in October 2001 issued by the Court of Oradea.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor is organized and operates under its own Statute elaborated in the Law no. 335/2007 adopted by the General Assembly of Members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania on 07.01.2008.

Its main objective is to support business people in the country and abroad in their work, regardless of the operating field, through the provision of tenders, requests for proposals from the market, by providing commercial, legal, economic and financial assistance, by providing useful information in the commercial, economic and legal fields, etc.
In its role of interface between the business and the factors of power, CCI Bihor promotes building and strengthening a network of contacts common to its members and partners, thus forming the common voice in defending and promoting business interests in dialogue with public authorities.

I. In achieving its objective, CCI Bihor offers the following services:

-    carrying out assistance and advice to traders as follows:
-    prior guidance regarding the legal formalities for the establishment and modification of constituent documents of companies;
-    obtaining company name reservation;
-    preparing documentation for registration in the trade register;
-    drawing up the title deed of the social office;
-    designing and implementing the logo of the companies;
-    drafting the affidavit of the founders, the managers, the branch assignees and the censors who meet the conditions provided by law;
-    drawing up constituent and additional documents of legal persons subject to    registration in the trade register;
-    obtaining the date certain for the documentation to be registered;
-    consultancy services in order to obtain service / operating permits;
-    obtaining service / operating permits;
-    submitting the account balance sheet of traders at the trade register;
-    submitting the registration request and the additional documents at the trade register;
-    represents and defends the interests of the business in relation to the Romanian authorities and with similar organizations abroad;
-    concludes protocols with the public authorities, local councils and regional structures which are forced to support them under the law in order to achieve the purpose for which it was founded and to complete operations it initiates for the economic development in the territory;
-     supports its members in their economic relations with official representatives of other states, consulates and international organisations which are similar to the Chamber;
-     presents ??? upon request or unsolicited ??? proposals to promote projects of normative acts to the institutions empowered after consulting its members;
-     attends meetings of commissions, councils and work or specialised committees established under the authorities / local and county public bodies and under the regional structures and informs its members;
-     collaborates with state institutions, with partners from public and / or private national or international sectors to perform its duties;
-     prepares economic studies regarding the economic development of the county / region by its own means or in cooperation with other partners in the public and / or private sector;
-     provides the Government and the public authorities, unsolicited or upon request, information and reasoned opinions on issues concerning general interests of the economy;
-     prepares an annual report regarding the situation of the county economy;
-     develops work procedures regarding its own activity;
-     carries out and manages the business infrastructure of the county: industrial, scientific and technological parks, business and technology incubators, technological information and transfer centres, business centres, shopping centres, exhibitions, virtual markets, stock and commodity exchanges, auctions houses;
-     supports and conducts research and development activities in the interests of the business community.
-     organises fairs, exhibitions, shows, business forums, national and international economic partnerships and supports the participation of merchants in fairs and exhibitions abroad;
-     engages in information and documentation activities in the interests of its members and the county economy;
-     organises, on its own or in collaboration with other institutions, according to the law, pre-university teaching, such as trade schools, industrial and vocational schools;
-     organises training courses (initiation, qualification, specialisation, improvement);
-     organises the mediation activity and dispute resolution through the arbitration of commercial litigations and civil domestic and international litigations, as provisioned by the Civil Procedure Code, the special laws and the international conventions which have Romania s participation;
-     takes and capitalises data on commercial incidents in order to improve the business climate;
-     keeps its own record of the commercial companies  situation and of the commercial logos on a county level;
-     keeps the traders managers  county register;
-     draws up databases containing useful information for traders in carrying out their business, organises information, documentation and business consultancy activities,;
-     participates with its own information in training and upgrading the national system of business information;
-     issues certificates of origin for Romanian goods, preferential customs certificates and permits for the temporary admission of duty-free goods, certificates for commercial usage, for the listed companies, for annotations and amendments to the legal companies, as well as certificates confirming the existence of commercial incidents;
-     helps the traders to implement management systems and other regulations regarding the proper functioning of their work;
-     promotes commercial and industrial standards of the European Union in the business community;
-     certifies external documents;
-     endorse the existence of cases of force majeure and their influence on how traders carry out their obligations and issues documents in this regard;
-     organises the County Top companies and other promotional events on a county and regional scale;
-     publishes the Official Gazette of the Chamber and other publications containing information and commercial advertising;
-     along with partners from public and / or private sector, it develops services in the interests of the members;
-     sets up ??? by itself or with partners from public and / or private sector ??? entities with or without legal personality to carry out its duties;
-     performs other duties conferred by existing legislation and / or special regulations.
-     Organises economic missions abroad to enlarge and intensify economic exchanges with other countries;
-     Provides information for obtaining titles of protection in the field of industrial property in the country and abroad: trade marks and geographical indications, patents, industrial designs and models;
-     Research documentation on various topics.
-     Access to property-related national and international databases.
-     It is an agent with authorisation to register real movable guarantees in the electronic archive;
-     Support SMEs through the Centre for Information, Consultancy and Training for the Small and Medium Enterprises of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor;
-     Organises, through the Court of Commercial Arbitration, its own permanent structure, the conciliation and settlement of commercial disputes under the convention of the parties, of their own regulations and laws;
-     Provides consulting for the Romanian Standards Association (ASRO).
-     Publishes document loss in the Official Gazette of Romania, part III;
-     Initiates meetings and business contacts between economic agents;
-     Carries out representation services and other services at the request of the companies or economical or international organizations, or of their representatives;
-     Carries out promotional activities for the Romanian or foreign economic agents;
-     Facilitates the procurement of bar codes;
-     Rents spaces with the necessary equipment for business presentations, seminars, lectures, conferences, etc.
-     Promotes the tourism with the help of the Tourism Association  ??ara Cri??urilor  and the  Centre for promotion and training in the cross-border tourism 
-     Organises and manages the participation of the members in national and international fairs and in specialized exhibitions in the territory;
-     Business opportunities in the country and abroad;
-     Prints both regular publications of economical and commercial interest and non-regular publications containing general economic information in order to help the commercial exchanges;
-     Training and professional improvement in business (training activities in modern and high competence conditions);
-     Organises symposia, colloquia, round tables for training and professional improvement in business.
-     Consulting and assistance in business
-     Consulting on company and product promotion
-     Supports the development activities of companies which are member of CCI Bihor
-     Data regarding requests for proposals and internal and external offers for products and services
-     Implementation of multiplications and plasticisations.


The Territorial Centre for the Promotion of Industrial Property Protection (TCPIPP) was founded in 1998 based on a protocol between the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (SOIT) Bucharest and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor.
The purpose of the Centre is to provide and carry out, upon request, a range of services which disseminate public information related to Industrial Property, to raise awareness of the local community for the need for protection of the industrial property.

      With its competent and qualitative services the Territorial Centre ensures:
-     information and media on issues concerning industrial property and related events for this area, by all means available to the Territorial Centre through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, such as the media, newsletters, seminars, symposia, fairs, exhibitions, etc.
-     assistance in identifying, protecting, recording, highlighting the objects of industrial property: trademarks, designs, geographical indications, patents, utility models
-     formal, informal and logistic support offered for the economic agents who are interested in the problems of industrial property
-     assistance in drafting documents for the registration of industrial property objects and for research and documentation related thereto;
-     documentary research and assistance on establishing the name and graphic design of the brand for which one wants to obtain registration upon the classification of products and / or services
-     documentary research and assistance on the use of information in establishing and describing the design or the industrial model
-     documentary research and assistance in the field of patents and utility models
-     access to national and international databases related to the industrial property

      In the end, we must specify that the Territorial Centre provides assistance and information about the scope of protection of the property rights and its implications, considering the possibility of ensuring protection not only on a national level, but also on community and / or international level.
Thus TCPIPP is a bridge between SOIT and the business environment, primarily facilitating the access to information. Also, as a result of its the activity, it influences the increase of patent applications, applications for trademark registration or designs and industrial models.


The electronic archive is a system of registering the priority of real movable and advertising guarantees structured on people and goods, a database where transactions are recorded regarding the real movable guarantees, having as Supervisory Authority the Ministry of Justice. The implementation of the Electronic Archive of Bihor in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry had as a result the removal of obstacles in trade agreements to facilitate the access of firms, be they big or small and regardless of their economic potential, to obtain loans under more favourable terms.
The real movable guarantees ensure the fulfilment of civil or commercial duties issued from the contracts concluded between natural or legal persons.
The priority of receivables whose movable guarantees registered in the Electronic Archive is protected by law and the enforcement of guarantees is relieved by the means of identification of the goods described in the guarantee contracts. Similarly, non-guaranteed receivables published in the Archive are protected, allowing the initial creditor to enforce it in relation to other cessionary successive creditors.
The right to register is restricted to operators of the archive and to agents empowered by them.
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor is an authorized agent of the Operator of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, having the right to register the forms of guarantee notice in the administration system of the Electronic Archive of Real Movable Guarantees (EARMG) by the faithful rendering of the received content form.
  In brief, recording a real movable guarantee in the Electronic Archive involves the following:

-     The creditor or his/her representative fills in a form with the corresponding data found in the real movable guarantee contract;
-     The archive operator registers the faithful data found in the form filled in by the applicant in the archive, without exercising legal control over him/her. By legal control we mean checking the consistency between the data submitted in the notice of guarantee form and the data in the contract by checking also the validity of the legal act itself.
The logistic means available to the Electronic Archive of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor, along with legal advice for commercial law, adapted to each case, guarantees a high quality service, which protects not only the advertising requirements stipulated by law, but also the confidentiality interests specific to the business environment.
In accordance with the provisions of the Archive Regulation, access to any person for reading, browsing information in the archive is unrestricted, any person can find online, using the search menu, information contained in the archive, without the need to obtain prior authorization for this from the authorities.
The search of information in the Archive can be performed by the identification elements of the guaranteed good or of the immovable good attached to the guaranteed good, by the name of the owner of that immovable good or by the identification number of the guarantee notice. 


Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor under the authority conferred on it by thelaw, organises, at the request of the interested parties, commercial arbitration to resolve national and international litigations with the help of the Commercial Arbitration Commission established specifically for this purpose.
The commercial arbitration, organised according to the parties  conventions under the Code of Civil Procedure is an alternative way of solving property litigation (evaluated in money), issued from documents and deeds of commerce. Resolving the commercial litigations by commercial arbitration can only be made based on the parties  specific convention in this respect, which has a double effect: attributes the competence of solving a particular litigation to commercial arbitration and excludes the competence of the jurisdiction of common law.
The arbitration is finalized, as in the courtrooms, by giving a sentence. This decision is final and binding and enjoys the same power as a court order and it can be forcibly executed by means determined by the Code of Civil Procedure.


 Any real litigation arising from or in connection with this contract, including its validity, interpretation, conclusion, execution or cancellation, will be settled by arbitration organized by the Commercial Arbitration Commission under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor in accordance with the arbitration procedure Rules and Regulations of this Chamber. The arbitration decision is final and binding. 
Inserting the arbitration clause in a commercial contract in case of litigation entitles the interested party to request its solving by means of ARBITRATION and the jurisdiction of the courts is excluded.

In essence, the benefits of the use of commercial arbitration are the following:
1.     the litigation is judged by specialised professional arbitrators with an excellent reputation, impartial and independent, elected by the parties, which trust them completely;
2.     the debates in question and the litigation file are confidential, no foreign person can access the file without the written consent of the parties;
3.     arbitration costs are much lower than costs incurred in the final settlement of the litigation in a court of law;
4.     the simplicity of the arbitration procedure allows a rapid and definitive resolution of the litigation - usually in less than 5 months from the date of the establishment of the arbitral court;
5.     before starting the arbitration procedure, the parties may resort to conciliation or mediation as an optional solution, an instrument that can harmonise the interests of the parties, avoiding the commercial litigation with all its drawbacks;
6.     the arbitration sentence cannot be legally attacked, except for an annulment action aimed only at reasons of illegality, and not of groundlessness.


      The centre s activity is that of marketing the ASRO products and services. The assignment of the selling rights of the ASRO standards and / or publications by CCI Bihor is stipulated by the Protocol of Cooperation between CCI Bihor and ASRO.
      The conclusion of the Protocol and of the collaboration Contract with ASRO has many benefits for the business environment in Bihor, the economic agents benefiting from the following services:
-     free consultation of the  Standardizarea  magazine
-     free consultation of the   Buletinul Standardizarii  magazine
-     consultancy in standardisation;
-     marketing standards on paper;
-     purchasing the Romanian Standards Catalogue on CD;
-     purchasing professional standards;
-     access to updated information in the field of standardisation.
-     providing consultancy in the field of standardisation;


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor and the Ministry for Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade, Tourism and Liberal Professions, following the protocol signed on 23 August 2007, decided to cooperate on the basis of its active partnership to promote and achieve common goals for small and medium enterprises, by organising local information, consultancy and training centres.
The Information, Consultancy and Training Centre for small and medium enterprises has been established as representative in the territory of the Ministry, the office functioning in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor, which offers space, logistical support, staff and organizational framework for its proper functioning.
    The Centre and the chamber s counsellors ensure:
-     Consultancy for projects financed from the state budget through the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce, Tourism and Liberal Professions (MIMMCTPL);
-     Conducting development programs for the SMEs, financed by the state budget through MIMMCTPL;


To become a full member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor, you must complete the application form and pay the registration fee and the annual fees.
Individual or collective membership of the Chamber is obtained by an application form, together with the registration fee and the related fees.
The membership of the Chamber is ensured until the General Assembly which takes place in the year following the payment of the annual fee.
Honorary membership is obtained the person s in question accepting of the proposal made by the Board of the Chamber at the initiative of any natural or legal persons.
Natural or legal persons with residence or registered office outside the county of Bihor may become members of the Chamber provided that they are members of the county Chamber of the place of residence or registered office, as appropriate.
According to the CCI Bihor status, the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor have certain rights and obligations.

1.     Participation at general Assemblies of members of the Chamber;
2.     Right to elect and be elected in the administration bodies of the Chamber;
3.     Under the conditions established by the General Assembly, the members may benefit from the Chamber s services regarding: documentation, information and commercial advertising of the members to obtain licenses, certificates and visas that fall under the competence of the Chamber, professional specialisation of the members like in the case of the other services and facilities provided by CCI;
4.     Participation in preference to the companies which provide services in the interest of members;
5.     Referring to the Chamber on issues concerning the general interests of the traders, in order to promote these interests.

1.     Promote and defend the legitimate interests to the central governmental bodies and local authorities, and other bodies and institutions
2.     Participation in trade missions, fairs, exhibitions, seminars, symposia and other commercial events organized by the Chamber
3.     Participation in meetings with businessmen from the country and abroad
4.     Registering real movable guarantees in the electronic archive


1.     Specialised consultancy, information and assistance in issues related to the traders  activities
2.     Intermediation in order to obtain notices, empowerment, permits, licenses, certificates for foreign trade operations
3.     Services regarding the creation of the organisation s image
4.     Organisation of symposia, exhibitions, seminars, presentations of companies in the Chamber s locations
5.     Elaboration of commercial correspondence
6.     Online publication of the identification elements of the company on the CCI Bihor website
7.     Online registration on the CCI Bihor website of the proposal / demand / cooperation of the company member


1.     To observe the provisions of the Chamber s status and the General Assembly decisions and to support the fulfilment of the Chamber s obligations;
2.     To pay the registration fee and the annual fees set by the Board.
3.     To conduct their activity in compliance with the law and the commercial usage, avoiding any act of unfair competition;
4.     To take into account all the agreements established by the Chamber with different institutions or organisations in different fields and to act according to the decisions and recommendations of the management;
5.     To actively participate in all the Chamber s actions which they have undertakes in advance;
6.     When it is necessary for the Chamber s activity, its members are compelled to provide the necessary information as long as it brings no harm to the members in question, also having the obligation to keep the secret of the commercial information received from the Chamber.

The members of the Chambers may be:
        1. Individual members:

a)     economic operators, natural or legal persons registered in the trade register office, regardless of their field of activity.
b)     branches, representations of companies and not only,  without legal personality, legally registered in the trade register office and authorized to operate;
        2. Collective members:
a)     the Chamber s bilateral subsidiaries;
b)     local professional associations;
c)     employers  organizations in the territory;

        3. Honorary members:
a)     teachers,
b)     scientists, specialists in commercial law and economics, personalities of public life.

The registration fee is calculated in lei, depending on the social capital of the commercial companies that want to become members of CCI Bihor.
               Registration fee

     Social capital         Registration fee
      200 ??? 5.000               60 lei
        over 5.000             120 lei

         The level of the annual fee

     Social capital          Annual fee
      200 ???     1.000        180 lei
    1001 ???   10.000        250 lei
 10.001 ???   50.000        500 lei
 50.001 ??? 100.000        800 lei
        over 100.000      1000 lei

CCI Bihor members receive 20% off from the fees for the services rendered.

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